What exactly are petite leggings?

What exactly are petite leggings?
Hi its founder Lucy here,
Lets start with the facts:
  1. Everyday clothing is typically designed for women 5'5 to 5'6,'fashion' is designed for runway ready individuals who make up about 3% of the population
  2. Just under 50% of the adult female population is under 5'4, i'll leave that one to sink in.
  3. Why on earth is petite such a niche? Don't even get me started on curvy petite!
One of the key reasons why I founded Lacuna is that I was tired of having to 'make do' with clothes, and especially gym kit, that was designed for people clearly much taller than me.
How 'standard' leggings look on 5'0 me:
Whilst there are growing petite ranges for more formal clothing, the fitness area is woefully under-served. 
Now the preamble (or more accurately pent up frustration!) is out the way, let's answer the question of what exactly are petite leggings?
The quick answer would be leggings that fit petite girls, but if you ask the manufacturers they'd say their 7/8th leggings 'fit' you, or their cropped styles 'work'. 
This is how 7/8th or cropped leggings 'fit' me:
...we are getting there. If my ankles were the same width as my calfs we would have a perfect fit!
This is what a petite legging actually is:
  • The legging goes down to the ankle with no excess material
  • The ankle fits snugly in the legging without lots of bagginess in the material
  • The design has been thought through to flatter and elongate the leg, considering seams and pocket positioning along with height of waistband. 
Did I mention that I solved my issue? I actually went and made something that fits, see it for yourself:
lacuna petite resolute leggings

    Lacuna is here to meet the needs of those who have struggled for years to find high quality, affordable gym wear that actually fits! 

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