How to Wear Jeans with Short Legs

How to Wear Jeans with Short Legs

If you have short legs, (whether you're petite or not!), here are four top tips on how to wear jeans that'll make your pins look super long!

1. Always wear high waisted jeans that come up to at least your belly button. 

This will make your legs look as long as the jeans - so the higher the better (although you don't want them all the way up to your ribcage!) For petite ladies especially, make sure you look for high waisted petite jeans - like our petite blue slim jeans - to make sure they come to the perfect waist position. 


2. Wear darker coloured jeans on the bottom

The darker colour on the bottom, whether thats black or a darker blue, will naturally allow the focus to be on the upper part of your body, and on your beautiful face! This is especially important for petite pear shapes with short legs, where the focus needs to be on balancing the heavier lower body. 


3. Show some ankle with your jeans

While this may seem counter-intuitive, when done the right way showing a bit of ankle with your jeans can make your legs look extra long. 

The trick is to also showing some of the top of your foot - whether thats in court shoes or flat pumps. It creates the illusion that your legs continue on to where the shoe starts and bags you a few extra inches. 


4. Match the colour of your shoes to your jeans 

 This tip works especially well for autumn/winter with boots. The continuous colour creates a long line from the top of the trouser to the bottom of the shoe, making your legs look long and lean. 


We hope this helps you feel and look great when you are wearing jeans. 

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