What Are The Best Tops To Wear With Leggings?

There are lots of reasons why leggings are so great. They’re arguably the most comfortable piece of clothing you can own. They look flattering on all body types and, when paired with the right top, they can work for any occasion.

For petite women, a good pair of leggings from LacunaFit can easily go from the office to the gym – and anywhere for that matter – with proper styling. They’re a perfect mix of luxury and comfort, which means they perform well AND look chic whether you’re in the gym or out on the streets.

Ahead are some petite styling tips on what tops to wear with your leggings to suit any occasion.

Tight Tops With Leggings

Like leggings, tight tops are an excellent choice for working out. As long as it does not restrict movement, a shirt with a snug fit offers more comfort than a loose one and it won’t get snagged on gym equipment. Choose a tight top made from sweat-wicking fabric, like the Lacuna Resolute Tank, as it draws moisture away from your body while you’re working out.

Keep in mind, though, that as stylish as these tight tops are, they may not be the best choice for your work attire. For the office, you may need something a little more formal and work-appropriate.

Styling Loose, Flowing Tops

Leggings can easily take on a more street-chic vibe if you pair them with loose, flowing tops. For petites, there are certain patterns and colour pairings that work best. For example, wear a top and leggings in matching or similar hues, as this continuous flow of colour lengthens the body. As for prints, avoid those that are too big and bold because they may overwhelm your small frame.

Of course, it all comes down to preference. Ultimately, you decide what colours and patterns to wear according to what feels good to you.

Crop Tops With Leggings

Crop tops are a must-have in every petite woman’s closet. A regular-sized crop top can fit a petite perfectly and creates the right proportion when paired with high-waisted leggings. For casual occasions, opt for a simple cropped tee. And when it’s time to party, a dressier cropped blouse will look more stylish and appropriate.

Structured And Dressy Tops

Instead of boxy tops, choose pieces that are structured and have a more sophisticated design. For example, a blouse with puffed sleeves or ruffles can take your look from casual to chic, but make sure the sleeves or ruffles aren’t so bold that they overwhelm your arms or torso.

Spaghetti-Strap Top With Leggings

Spaghetti-strap tops are a good choice for petite women because they show a lot of skin around the neck and shoulder area. This creates the illusion of a longer neck and gives the shoulders a more proportional look. The open neckline also means you’re not swamped with fabric. And make sure it only reaches down to your hips or higher to create the right proportion.


As you can see, leggings are so versatile if you know how to style them. And items from LacunaFit look great with just about any top. Want more tips on how to wear leggings with style? Make it a habit to visit our blog for your regular dose of style inspiration. And feel free to get in touch with us on Facebook and Instagram for your style questions.

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