Leggings Vs Yoga Pants: What's The Difference?

Lockdown or no lockdown, leggings are here to stay. Not only are they comfy and practical but they can also be dressed up or down as you like. We can’t blame you if you choose to continue living in your leggings long after the pandemic is over, but can they hold up to everyday life, especially an active one?

Here, you’ll find out the difference between leggings and yoga pants. They may look the same, but each has unique characteristics that you should consider when buying your next pair.

The Lowdown on Leggings

First, a little history lesson on leggings. We see them everywhere these days – at the gym, on the streets, and yes, even on the red carpet sometimes. But did you know they were originally meant to be “invisible,” that is, layered under pants for extra warmth during winter? In fact, this trend dates way back to the 14th century, and men were actually the first to wear them. 

From purely practical beginnings, leggings are now a stylish staple in every person’s closet and come in a vast array of colors and designs. While they are comfortable and look sporty enough, a lot of the cheaply-made leggings from high street shops aren’t generally meant to be worn for fitness activities. They’re made from thin material which may be to flimsy for exercises where you’ll be stretching and moving a lot. And because of their thin fabric, they can become sheer when stretched.

You probably don’t want to flash that much skin when you bend over at the gym. In other words, while these leggings are great for streetwear, they’re not exactly the best choice for activewear. And that’s where yoga pants, or leggings specifically designed for yoga, come in.

What Makes Yoga Pants Different

The most obvious difference is the look. While all leggings are skintight, yoga pants can come in a number of silhouettes, including flared, bootcut, straight, and skinny. Yoga leggings are different from regular leggings in that they’re designed especially for fitness activities.

First, they’re constructed from a technical fabric that’s thicker and more durable, which means there’s no risk of tearing or going see-through while you’re doing your yoga poses. Yoga pants also feature double material in some parts as well as a gusseted crotch, providing extra stretch and strength.

The fabric normally used for yoga pants are sweat-wicking so you don’t end up with a heavy, sticky, and clammy pair of trousers while you’re working out. Plus, yoga leggings have a wider waistband and are constructed to hold their shape no matter how much you

So Which Should You Choose?

Obviously, it depends on what you’re using them for. Yoga pants can be pricier but they will definitely hold up to heavy workouts. 

Why not merge the two?! Our petite yoga leggings are a high-quality, sustainable choice that are perfect for both leisurewear and physical activity.

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