The Petite Apple Bodyshape

The Petite Apple Bodyshape

About 12% of women share the Apple shape as their body type. You have gorgeous curves and shapely limbs - read on to find out how to dress your beautiful petite body!

How to tell if you're a Petite Apple?

Some of the common features of an apple shape are:

  • Your hips and shoulders are roughly the same width
  • Your waist is the same width as your hips and shoulders, or wider
  • You have an average to big bust
  • You have round, sloping shoulders
  • Your hips are rounded but narrow
  • You have slim arms and legs
  • You tend to gain weight around your waist first

You may not fit all of these points, but if the majority apply to you
then chances are you are an apple shape!

Best Features of Petite Apple Body Shape:

Typically for apple shapes, these are your best features:

  • You have toned, slim legs
  • You have slim and even muscular arms
  • You have a full, round bust

These are the areas you want to draw attention to predominantly
and celebrate!

Goals For a Petite Apple:

There are a few things you should always consider when putting
together an outfit that perfectly flatters your petite apple shape:

  • Aim to create the illusion of a waistline to create beautiful curves
  • Draw attention to your fabulous bust!
  • Take the attention away from your heavier tummy area
  • Add structure to the top half of your body
  • As you tend to be quite a soft, rounded shape, you can try to
  • create more angles for a contrast

General Tips for a Petite Apple:

Take attention away from your mid-section:

  • Use colour blocking with a lighter top section and darker bottom section to draw the attention to your face and your chest

Create illusion of waistline:

  • Tailored items with waist darts or dresses with dark contouring designs around the waist are a great way to subtly create the illusion of a waist, without drawing too much attention to that area.

Create more angles:

  • As your body shape is rounder, you can break that up by adding structured items like jackets and structured tops.
  • If opting for a jacket, make sure to go for single breasted rather than double to create a vertical line rather than horizontal across your wider sections.
  • This also helps as a petite woman to keep the eye moving from top to bottom (and can help you look a little taller if that’s your goal!)

Petite Apple Celebrities:

You’re in great company being a petite apple! Here are a few celebrities that share your petite body shape:

  • Lindsay Lohan (5’4)
  • Melissa McCarthy (5’2)
  • Eva Longoria (5’2)

Things to Avoid as a Petite Apple: 

Tight fitting items around the waist:

  • While this may feel counter-intuitive, you don’t want clingy clothes making you feel self conscious, so opt for more skimming fabrics and shapes instead

Wearing waist belts: 

  • This is quite a sweeping statement and again may feel against what you would expect if you want to create more of a waistline, a contrasting belt can actually draw more attention to your mid-section.
  • The caveat is that you can get away with waist belts if they are the same colour/pattern as the item underneath (or slightly darker)

Tapering bottoms:

  • Whether a skirt or trousers, items that taper in at the bottom of your legs can make them look ‘twiggy’ in comparison to your mid-section so opt for less fitted options like A-Line skirts, straight leg trousers and bootcut jeans

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