The Petite Hourglass Bodyshape

The Petite Hourglass Bodyshape

Synonymous with femininity, this highly sought after body shape only occurs in about 8% of women. Read on to find out how to dress your beautiful petite body!

How to tell if you're a Petite Hourglass?

The hourglass is one of the most sought after body shapes, with it’s well defined curves. To see if you fall into this category, here are some common features:

  • Your hips and shoulders are roughly about the same width
  • Your shoulders are round and sloping, and align nicely over
    the hips
  • You have a full bust and hips
  • You have a well-defined waist line that is significantly smaller than your shoulders or hips
  • You have a rounded bottom

You may not fit all of these points, but if the majority apply to you
then chances are you are an hourglass shape!

Best Features of Petite Hourglass Body Shape:

Typically for hourglass shapes, these are your best features:

  • You have a slender, defined waist
  • You have a full chest area
  • You have full, rounded hips

These are the areas you want to draw attention to predominantly
and celebrate!

Goals For a Petite Hourglass:

There are a few things you should always consider when putting
together an outfit that perfectly flatters your petite hourglass shape:

  • Aim to show off your hourglass silhouette as much as possible!
  • Don't create imbalance in your already balanced frame
  • Lengthen your torso

General Tips for a Petite Hourglass:

Highlight your tiny waist!

  • Show off your envious curves by wearing items that naturally cut in at the waist such as wrap dresses and A-Line skirts.
  • Belted jackets which nip in and then flare out at the hips are also super flattering on your body shape

Balance out your large bust

  • A simple way to soften the shoulder angle is to wear either deep scoop or V-neck tops or dresses.

Elongate your torso

  • As a petite lady especially, your torso can look very small compared to your upper and lower body
  • One simple way to elongate your whole body is to wear a single colour from top to toe - this draws the eye upwards from the floor (and can make you seem slightly taller too)

Petite Hourglass Celebrities:

You’re in great company being a petite hourglass! Here are a few celebrities that share your petite body shape:

  • Emilia Clarke (5'2)
  • America Ferrera (5'1)
  • Salma Hayek (5'2)

Things to Avoid as a Petite Hourglass: 

Creating imbalance

  • You already have a perfectly balanced frame, so make sure not to make it top- or bottom- heavy.
  • Avoid large, voluminous sleeves or bottoms with lots of frills and pockets around the hip area to keep your look sleek

Hiding your natural silhouette

  • Shapeless or loose clothing that hide your waist can make you look boxy and even shorter, especially as a petite lady

Creating too much fuss

  • You already have an enviable shape, so keep things simple and let your body do the talking!

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