The Petite Pear Bodyshape

The Petite Pear Bodyshape

1 in 5 women have this body shape, which is all about the booty! Read on to find out how to dress your beautiful petite body

How to tell if you're a Petite Pear?

Some of the common features of an pear shape are:

  • Your hips are your widest point (compared to waist and shoulders)
  • You have a defined waist
  • You have an elegant neck and slim arms
  • You tend to gain weight on your bottom and thighs first
  • You have round, sloping shoulders
  • You have rounded and shapely thighs and bum

You may not fit all of these points, but if the majority apply to you
then chances are you are an pear shape!

Best Features of Petite Pear Body Shape:

Typically for pear shapes, these are your best features:

  • You have a defined waist
  • You have an elegant neck
  • You have a curvy figure

These are the areas you want to draw attention to predominantly
and celebrate!

Goals For a Petite Pear:

There are a few things you should always consider when putting
together an outfit that perfectly flatters your petite pear shape:

  • Aim to create an hourglass silhouette
  • Draw attention to your narrow waist
  • Balance out your wider lower body by adding more volume to your top half

General Tips for a Petite Pear:

Balancing your upper body with lower body:

  • Structured tops (hello shoulder pads!) are your best friend, and aim to keep bright coloured and patterns on the top half of your body.
  • As a petite, avoid larger patterns though, as they can overwhelm your frame

Drawing attention to your waist

  • Nip it in beautifully with fitted clothing wrap dresses, cropped jackets, and belted skirts are all perfect for creating curves

Creating horizontal lines on the upper half

  • A great way to balance your wider lower body is to create horizontal lines on the upper half - you can do this literally with striped tops.
  • Also consider necklines like bardot, square and wide-neck to give that
    illusion! These will also highlight your elegant neck.

Petite Pear Celebrities:

You’re in great company being a petite pear! Here are a few celebrities that share your petite body shape:

  • Kim Kardashian (5'3)
  • Rachel Bilson (5’2)
  • Helen Mirren (5'3)

Things to Avoid as a Petite Pear: 

Highlighting your hips:

  • Wearing tops that end at your widest part or bottoms with embellishments on the hip area draws attention and can make you seem even more off-balance

Making your shoulders seem narrower:

  • Narrow, delicate straps will make your gorgeous shoulders look narrower and highlight your wider hips. To avoid this, opt for thicker straps set wider, e.g. with a square neck

Wearing straight cut tops and dresses: 

  • Anything that hangs down to your widest point will make you look that width the whole way up, losing your beautiful waistline!

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