5 Winter Petite Fashion Tips

5 Winter Petite Fashion Tips

When winter comes around, we all need some quick and easy fashion hacks to so we don't drown in our bulky clothes as petites! 

We've also included some tips on how to keep your wardrobe feeling fresh without breaking the bank by using your summer clothes

1. Shorten oversized jumpers by tucking them into a belt - or your bra!

These are simple petite tricks that works well for us shorties - keeping us in proportion even when we can't find the perfect length jumper.

Simply tie a belt around the jumper and pull the excess fabric over the top to your desired length, or tuck the bottom of the jumper into your bra. Simple as that!

2. Shorten a cardigan by overlapping the buttons

Often cardigans sit on us petites right on our hips, which is one of the most unflattering places, especially for pear shapes.

A way to make the cardigan look more flattering is to shorten the sleeves (to take the attention away from the hip area) and then overlap the buttoning as shown in the video below to shorten the front of the cardigan. 

3. Mix up a summer dress with a jumper and boots for an instant cosy winter look

This is a great tip to expand your wardrobe without spending an extra penny!

Take a summer dress, throw on some tights, a jumper, a belt to pull it all together and some winter boots - and that's it! 

4. Make long cardigans petite friendly by wearing skin tight clothes underneath

Ever wanted to wear an oversized cardigan but felt it would drown you as a petite? Well now you can!

The key is to make sure you don't have lots of other bulky items on - wear a tight top, tight trousers or leggings (like our petite black leggings) and long black boots for a sleek elegant look. Then accessorise as you wish! 

5. Wear long tops under strappy dresses in the winter

Our final winter fashion tip is for strappy summer dresses

As well as wearing jumpers over dresses, you can also easily pop on a long sleeved top under a strappy dress for a chic winter look with a pop of colour

In winter, it can be so hard to look and feel great, but we hope these tips help! 

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