About Lacuna

Lacuna was born from frustration.

Our founder Lucy realised she wasn't alone in wanting high quality petite leggings that actually fit.

My mantra: No flared, rolled up ankles or baggy knees compromises!

Fed-up of having to make do with the products on the high street, I decided to take matters into my own hands and design leggings that fit properly. After exploring different designs and fabrics, I finally created something that exceeded my initial expectations. Receiving compliments from family, friends and strangers made me realise that this was a wide-spread issue, and so Lacuna was born! 

Our Values

  Petite is our thing.

  • Whilst almost 50% of the population may be under 5'4, how many brands do you know that make petite considerations more than an afterthought?
  • Our garments are designed by petite ladies for petites ladies, great things come in small packages.  

 Real solutions for real women

  • All Lacuna everything is designed for a purpose, we gather real ideas, concerns and must-have's and boil them down into a solution.
  • Whether that be fabric choice, features like pockets or size and shape variations, your needs are always our main consideration.

High quality

  • Buy once, buy well. There is enough fast fashion waste in this world.
  • Everything you'll find with Lacuna written on it is of the highest quality, from fabric to seam craftsmanship no expense is spared. 


  • Ethical and sustainable practices as standard, this doesn't mean you'll not find a synthetic materials on our site, but instead that we are doing what we can to make a difference.
  • Carbon neutral shipping as standard, end of life fabric recycling, we are determined to slow down fast fashion!