Our Mission

At LacunaFit, our mission is simple. 

Make the world a more petite friendly place. 

As petite women, we've all struggled (often multiple times a day!) to live life to the fullest. 

Whether that's fighting to be heard in a team meeting where people literally talk over you, or even just trying to reach the cereal off the top shelf. 

We believe petite women are the backbone of our society (we are almost half the female population after all!) and need to be represented as such. 

Why leggings?

We started with our signature black petite leggings at the height of the pandemic, when we were all living in comfy loungewear. 

Our founder Lucy realised that none of the clothes she was wearing on a daily basis actually fitted her, and decided to change that. 

Read Lucy's story


What's next?

Everything we do is driven by a problem that petite women have told us about, and we will always hold this as one of our core principles. 

This is how our petite jeans came about - ladies told us that when they weren't wearing leggings, they were in jeans, and badly fitting jeans at that. 

We run regular polls and surveys on our social channels, and love to hear from you.