Our 'There's No Way You'll Return Them' £5 Guarantee

Why are you doing this?!

We stand behind the quality and functionality of our leggings and believe you won’t return them once you’ve tried them on. There’ll be no going back!

Therefore on the unlikely occasion you decide to return them, we’ll pay you an additional £5 for the inconvenience of trying them out. However, we’re confident you’ll be coming back for years to come! 

Guarantee Policy

  • You must apply for the Guarantee via email to provide us with your payment details. Please email lucy@lacuna.fit to confirm your return and provide us with a Paypal email or Bank account details, whichever is more convenient for you.
  • Only applicable on your first order. 
  • Only applicable to our Resolute leggings (designed for petite women with a 25" inseam as is typical for women under 5'4)
  • Only one £5 payment may be paid out: per customer, per billing/shipping address or per IP location. Any multiple orders placed within the same details (under these criteria) will not be covered by the Guarantee. For example, you cannot place 10 orders, return them and expect a £50 payment. We will only pay you £5
  • Guarantee starts on July 13th 2021 and will run indefinitely. The guarantee does not cover orders placed before this date. The guarantee may be stopped at any time without notice  
  • Returns must adhere to our returns policy, which can be found here