We care about sustainability - because we all should.

We know that the world needs us to be conscious in our decisions, which is why we decided that from day one, sustainability will be a core value. I don't see a future in which companies can continue to shirk the responsibility of doing the right thing for their customers.


How we approach sustainability:


Our products are designed to be long-lasting - they will take you through thick and thin, and are not designed to be thrown away after only a few wears. If your garment is looking tired, there are often simple care tips that can keep it looking almost as good as new. The objectives should be buy once, buy well, and take care of your clothes.



We accept that nothing lasts forever - which is why we offer an end-to-end service. Once you feel you sadly have to let go of your Lacuna wear as it's simply beyond repair, we encourage you to recycle them. If you are unsure of how to do this, get in touch via email, you can even return them to us and we will recycle them for you!


Plastic free

We want to minimise the amount of plastic that we produce and instantly throw away. This is why all of our packaging is plastic free.

  • We don't send you any plastic bags
  • We have no plastic tags on our garments
  • Even our shipping bags are made from recyclable and reusable paper bags

    Carbon Neutral

    All of our deliveries are carbon neutral, at no extra cost to you! We to offset the emissions from delivering our products, which means that for any carbon emitted, we will fund projects that capture or store at least the same amount of CO2. These could be reforestation or renewable energy projects all around the world.

    We also ensure that our supply chain is offsetting its carbon footprint where possible due to our requests.